Gorkha Tea Estate is a Multi-cooperative tea industry located in the hills of Eastern Nepal, Sunderpani,Fikkall, Ilam. It is currently producing High Grown Organic Orthodox Tea. Gorkha Tea Estate is paying highest prices to it’s farmers for their green leaves and has supported it’s farmers during the time period by Distributing Cows, Biogas Facilities, Drums, Spray machines, Compost training to its organic farmers.  Gorkha Tea Estate (GTE) adjoining to Darjeeling,is located at the altitude of 1700m above sea level. Gorkha Tea estate has been ceritified by  IMO (Switzerland) EU ,JAS(Japan),FDA,ISO22000:2005 "qualityaustria” .Gorkha Tea Estate is paying highest prices to its farmers for their green leaves, From 2009-2011 under the collaboration model of Public Private Partnership ( PPP) with GIZ,Teegschwendner.

Gorkha Tea Estate is encouraging farmers to produce high quality green leaves by giving the best price of their products and also developed "HOME STAY" at farmer house under “Tea and Tourism”. We believe in togetherness including farmers, factory and market.



Supported  4 Co-operatives Eco Kolbung cooperative,Sunderpani cooperative,Boudhham cooperative and Himshikar Cooperative and providing field staff to each cooperative.


Black Tea


Pearl Green Tea


Very high grade spring-picked green tea expertly shaped into pearls, which slowly unfurl into long needle shaped leaves when steeped. Brews into a gorgeous infusion with heavenly aroma.

Message from Chairman

Mr Udaya Chapagain, Executive Chairman of Gorkha Tea Estate started tea business since 1984 when there were only Two Factories, One was Kanyam and another was Ilam Tea Garden which belongs to the Government. Mr Chapagain, involved in a first private tea sector factory in Nepal Small Tea Producers Ltd (NESPROL) IN 1994.

Though Gorkha Tea Estate was established in 1995, the factory started production since 2009 after developing tea garden (40 Hector) and motivating small growers to go Organic providing them all the facilities and highest prices for their green leaves, “ Two Leaves and a Bud”.

 Mr Chapagain always prefers to work differently that is the reason it’s products “Sunderpani” and “ Himshikar” brands are Popular in Germany. Sunderpani, only for TeeGschwendner and Himshikar for other interested buyers.

 Udaya Chapagain, defines tea as a Culture and his mission is to grow organic with respect of nature and support to it’s farmers.

- Thursday, December 7, 2017
Nepal has a long history of tea cultivation. Planting of a tea plant, that Captain Gajaraj Singh Thapa received as present in China, in Ilam 150 years ago is considered as the beginning of tea cultivation in Nepal.
- Thursday, December 7, 2017
Nepal’s first tea auction house is slated to open in Jhapa by April-end, the National Tea and Coffee Development Board (NTCDB) said.